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negabilityprime's Journal

Negability Prime--Negability in time and space.
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Famous authors from the past are reincarnated as present-day high school students...this is the premise of the negability roleplaying game, started in April 2005. The class of 2007 at Eupheme High has included Jane Austen, Geoffrey Chaucer, Emily Dickinson, Victor Hugo, James Joyce, H.P. Lovecraft, Alexander Pope, J.R.R. Tolkien, and dozens more. This class also included T. E. (Neddy) Lawrence, who helped H. G. Wells reassemble his time machine in the auto shop and, when Wells mysteriously disappeared, took off in it himself. It included Emily Bronte, so desperate to get out of the situation she'd found herself in at Eupheme that she begged Lawrence to take her with him. And it included William Blake, emotionally involved with both of them, who watched them disappear. negabilityprime is the story of what happened to these three, and others, after that.

A brief summary of most of the highlights of the story so far (parts 1 and 2) can be found here:


And a history of the mysterious and sinister Colonel Overstrom, who brings Blake into the world of the time streams, can be found here:


This community is not moderated as such, but is maintained by Blake (burning_blake) and Neddy (neddy_s). We welcome anyone who cares to join, either as a reader or as a participant in Negability Prime (using their original Negability character, or another created specifically for this universe). We'll be continuing the stories from where we left off in negability, fleshing out some of the parts that have gone before, and discussing characters, plots, settings, themes, narrative voices, and the technology of time travel.