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Arguing over Sodom. [Nov. 16th, 2012|10:49 pm]
Negability Prime--Negability in time and space.


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They finally pause for breath. Overstrom whispers in Blake's ear, 'So, you insult me and yet expect to enjoy my favours?'

Blake is surprised to find that his monumental irritation has drained away. "I can only hope for your mercy," he murmurs.

Overstrom smiles.  'Why then of course, as always, you shall have it.'

"As always?" He's sorry he said it as soon as it slips out.

Overstrom stops short, his fingers resting on Blake's cheek. 'Why did I say that?' He shakes his head as if to clear it.

Blake tries to laugh. "I hope you're not mistaking me for someone else."

He snaps out of it. 'How likely would that be?'

"Only you can say." Blake strokes the back of Overstrom's neck under the wig, and feels him relax fractionally. "So, um...if we were to go inside, would you feel compelled to wander off again?"

Overstrom grins at him. 'Not necessarily. It rather depends on whether you make it worth my while not to.'

Holy--something. "I'll do my best." Blake kisses him again and pulls him toward the door. He's not going to make the mistake of letting go this time.


'Of COURSE I can prove my experiments were successful!' Only Ivy's hand on his arm is keeping Sir Isaac from completely losing his temper. 'I have spent my entire life learning the art of calling on the inhabitants of the world below to assist with my alchemical work!'

"Oh," the taller man says politely, a caged smirk prowling about behind his bland smile. "I'm sure you're right."


Uh oh, Ivy thinks.

"I'm sure we would all be delighted to see anything you choose to attempt," the other man oozes.

'Well!' Sir Isaac thinks for a split second, then announces, 'I shall summon Helen of Troy to this very room.'

Ivy eases off her bracelet as unobtrusively as possible and thinks some very pungent thoughts. Nothing happens. "Sir Isaac, don't you think she might be--busy right now?" she whispers.

"I think Sir Isaac may be overtired," remarks the tall gentleman. "Perhaps you should put him to bed."

'You are just too COWARDLY to confront the demonic forces under my control!'

"I'm too cowardly to confront them," Ivy whispers to Sir Isaac. "What would they say if they saw me dressed like this?"

He turns to her, curious. 'Would they object?'

"They would laugh at me!"

Sir Isaac folds his arms and looks down his nose at her. 'Everyone laughs at you anyway.'

"What?" Ivy shrieks. "They do NOT. How dare you!" She pouts and turns on her heel, hoping Sir Isaac will have some vestige of whatever it is that leads men to try to appease angry women.

'How DARE I? Who are YOU to question what I DARE to do?'

Well, that could work too. She stomps toward the door as well as she can in her thin dancing slippers. "Oh, I don't know. Who am I?"

'Where are you going?" he bellows at her back. 'You have not been dismissed!'

"Uh oh, I'm getting away!" Ivy taunts. I would make a terrible woman, she thinks.

'You are NOT going ANYWHERE!' he shouts, striding after her.

Ivy does a little dance and scampers into the hall as slowly as possible.

Sir Isaac catches up to her and grabs her arm. 'Who gave you permission to behave so disrespectfully to a son of Adam who has dominion over you?'

"Sir Isaac, I'm very worried!" she pleads. "If you have a battle of magicks there all those people could be killed! The house could even burn down."

He stops and looks at her. 'Were you just pretending then?'

"Of course."

He looks back over his shoulder at the small crowd of people that had surrounded them, now gossiping to each other and casting glances their way. 'Well perhaps you were right,' he concedes.

"Some of them aren't even damned yet," she adds, in case he asks her why a demon is concerned about the welfare of mortals.

He gives her an amused look. 'Your companion has been quite diligent in collecting souls tonight, but I don't believe you've succeeded in collecting even one!'

She draws herself up. "It's a little difficult when I'm with you the whole time! And anyway the night has barely started."

'I hereby give you permission to collect as many souls from the Royal Society as you may, assuming there are any left to collect.'

"Thank you," Ivy says with dignity. "May I assume that you won't blast them all with hellfire before I get the chance?"

'No you may not,' he answers stiffly. 'I am under no obligation to bend my behviour to YOUR will.'

"I know. I was only asking."

'I refuse to answer.'

"Oh please? It would be so sad to ruin the party after we got dressed up and everything."

His expression softens. 'If I didn't know any better I'd think you were attempting to collect MY soul.'

"I think someone else has that right..."

'But nevertheless I shall accede to your wishes.'

"Hurray!" she beams, bouncing on her toes. Maybe I'm not as bad at this as I thought.

'I feel like God arguing with Abraham over Sodom,' Sir Isaac says to her. 'But you remember what happened to Sodom in the end.'

"I like the hubris," she grins.

'Do you not think I could destroy this house and all the souls in it in an instant?' Sir Isaac's voice sounds dangerous.

"Oh, of course you could. But remember Arachne, and Niobe."

'What, you expect me to draw moral lessons from the pagan authors?'

She considers. "I expect you to do what is wise."

He takes her arm, and inclines his head toward her. 'I trust you to instruct me in what is wise.'


[User Picture]From: neddy_s
2012-11-17 05:54 am (UTC)
[Now that I think of it, "Arguing Over Sodom" would be a good title for Blake and Neddy's relationship.]
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